Warning on Australian clinics offering safe alternatives to mammograms

September 10, 2015

For a mammogram the breast is compressed between two plates and an X-ray taken. A thermogram on the other hand does not require contact with the imaging machine.

On Sunday, October 3, 2010 thousands of women will gather at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade for a five-mile walk to save lives from breast cancer. 40,000 participants last year helped to raise $3,000,000. There are hopes to surpass that this year. According to the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer is the most common Cancer among woman, other than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in woman, after lung cancer. ???Making Strides Against Breast Cancer??? is the American Cancer Society's theme for its walk to end breast cancer. 

Regular screening with yearly mammograms beginning at the age of 40 is recommended. Starting at age 20, women should be doing monthly self-exams. The American Cancer Society also recommends the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) screening for women at increased risk for breast cancer.