Sunshine Biopharma to present new Adva-27a data against cancer at AACR meeting

February 23, 2016

They found a small number of mutated genes that are common to many of the women, including one called PIK3CA and TP53 that other researchers have found play a role in cancer development. Quite a few companies have drugs in development that are designed to target PIK3, which is a signaling pathway that is involved with cancer cell growth. It's estimated that about 40% of women with estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer have a mutation in the PIK3CA gene and about 20% of cases have a mutated TP53 gene. Another mutation was found in a gene called MAP3K1, which controls cell death in about 10% of patients. The mutation allows cells that should die to keep living. Two other genes, ATR and MYST3, were also mutated in about 10% of patients, Ellis said.

However, ???to get through this experiment and find only three additional gene mutations at the 10 percent recurrence level was a bit of a shock,??? he said. They also found 21 other mutations that appeared at much lower rates in several patients. Even though these mutations were relatively rare, Ellis emphasized the finding's value. ???Breast cancer is so common that mutations that recur at a 5 percent frequency level still involve many thousands of women,??? he said.

???We get good therapeutic ideas from the genomic information,??? he added. ???The near term goal is to use information on whole genome sequencing to guide a personalized approach to the patient's treatment.???

The study was presented Saturday (2nd April, 2011) at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in Orlando, Fla.