Positive results from EpiCept NP-1 Phase IIb trial in patients with CPN

January 11, 2016

The National Cancer Institute estimates that 30-40% of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy experience symptoms of CPN, which impairs their quality of life and ability to function. The debilitating, chronic pain of CPN is one of the most common reasons why cancer patients stop their treatment early. More than one million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone suffer from this disease, for which there is no effective therapy.

The results of this trial build upon EpiCept's clinical development of NP-1 in both diabetic and post-herpetic neuropathies. The Company has enrolled more than 1,700 patients into clinical trials of NP-1, including a 360-patient trial that studied NP-1's efficacy compared with gabapentin and placebo in post-herpetic neuropathy, for which positive results were previously reported.

Source: EpiCept Corporation