New technique to identify cancer biomarkers

November 09, 2015

'The imaging tracers and the antibodies for a targeted therapy which are developed on the basis of Targetome biomarkers represent a revolution in oncology: offering a genuine personalised therapy which will concentrate by a factor of 100 the toxic agent only within the patient's cancerous cells!'' underlines Professor Castronovo.


Targetome is positioning itself as a biotechnology R&D business company. Given the enormous development costs involved (above all because of the clinical trials to be carried out), Targetome's strategy aims at granting licenses to pharmaceutical companies for validated and patented targets.

For the most promising biomarkers, Targetome will take things in hand as far as the production of the monoclonal antibodies necessary for preclinical trials (in vitro and on mice). These monoclonal antibodies will be developed jointly with ProGenosis, another ULg spin-off housed at the GIGA, and the Marloie Accredited Rural Economy Centre. The validated monoclonal antibodies will be patented and licensed to pharmaceutical companies at a higher cost than would be the case for just the biomarkers. 'At the initial stage, Targetome will base its development on biomarkers specific to hepatic metastases and cancer of the pancreas,' points out Professor Castronovo.

For the moment Targetome is capitalised at the legal minimum of ?62.500 by Gesval and the business company promoters. The capital will soon be raised to ?300,000 through the involvement of Spinventure and private investors.

Targetome is taking part in the Radiotarget project, co-ordinated by the Walloon competitiveness cluster Biowin. The objective is to develop a Rhenium-188 production apparatus to mark therapeutic antibodies for new targets validated by Targetome in the treatment of hepatic metastases.

Source: University of Li??ge