MMRF, Synta collaborate for clinical development of ganetespib in multiple myeloma

December 21, 2015

"Ganetespib is the most advanced and actively studied of the second generation Hsp90 inhibitors and we are very excited to accelerate its development in multiple myeloma," said Kathy Giusti, Founder and CEO of the MMRF and MMRC, and a multiple myeloma patient. "Our continued investment in drug development, whether through our annual Biotech Investment Awards or through our new Clinical Fund projects with biopharmas like Synta, signify the MMRF's continued commitment to share in the risk of drug development to ensure promising treatments are brought to patients as quickly as possible.

"The support of the MMRF and the MMRC allows us to accelerate the development of ganetespib in multiple myeloma," said Safi Bahcall, Ph.D., President and CEO, Synta Pharmaceuticals. "The MMRC is a unique resource that will help enlist the support of leading investigators in the field of multiple myeloma to conduct a multi-center trial. We look forward to working with these two organizations and Dr. Lonial to explore the potential role that ganetespib can play in treating patients with multiple myeloma."

SOURCE Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium