Microbubble contrast- enhanced ultrasound improves identification of sentinel lymph node in breast biopsies

January 05, 2016

According to lead researcher Dr. Hideto Sonoda, from the department of surgery at the Postgraduate School of Medicine at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, the study aimed to find out whether odour can become an effective tool in colorectal cancer screening. Speaking of other cancers like breast, stomach and prostate cancer, Sonoda said, ???Canine scent judgment yielded correct answers for these cancers as well, suggesting that common scents may exist among various cancer types.???

Commenting on the study, Dr. Ted Gansler, director of medical content at the American Cancer Society, said that ???this study adds to a small number of other published articles showing similar results regarding bladder, lung and breast cancers,??? and to a recent conference presentation regarding prostate cancer. The next step is to discover the specific chemicals associated with colon cancer, or with other types of cancers, Gansler said adding that, ???Once that is done, scientists will try to develop laboratory tests that detect these chemicals as potential methods for cancer screening.???

Dr. Floriano Marchetti, an assistant professor of clinical surgery and director of the Colon and Rectal Surgery Residency Program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said that ???the direction should be to stimulate research in finding the organic compound that the dog reacts to.???