McMaster receives new Canadian Cancer Society grants for groundbreaking research

March 17, 2016

Dr. Hsien Seow $671,615Research by Hsien Seow has shown that end-of-life cancer patients in Ontario who received more homecare nursing hours were less likely to require hospital visits. This project will extend this research to three more provinces, investigate the effect of more homecare nursing hours on total healthcare costs, and determine whether patients use care differently depending on their province. Seow is an associate professor of oncology at McMaster and he holds the Cancer Care Ontario Research Chair in Health Services Research.

Dr. John Valliant $412,392John Valliant is studying a way to develop a more precise, non-invasive method to detect breast cancer. With this funding, he will create an imaging probe to help identify insulin receptors that are abundant on the surface of breast cancer cells, with the goal of using this early change in cancer cells for screening and to predict the best treatment options. Valliant is an associate professor of chemistry at McMaster and CEO and scientific director of the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization.