LeAnn Rimes encourages psoriasis patients to take Make a Change Pledge

August 23, 2015

As part of "Stop Hiding from Psoriasis," LeAnn, the Academy and Foundation are also highlighting the importance of finding the right dermatologist. Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis, but, together with their dermatologists, people can create treatment plans that may include simple, everyday changes to better manage their symptoms and the effects their disease has on their lives.

"Partnering with a dermatologist who treats psoriasis is an important step in developing an appropriate disease management plan," said dermatologist William D. James, MD, FAAD, president of the American Academy of Dermatology. "Psoriasis is a chronic immune disease that can impact patients, physically and emotionally, but with proper management, it doesn't have to control a person's life."

The Academy and Foundation joined together to create the "Stop Hiding from Psoriasis" campaign funded with support from Abbott, a global healthcare company. The program, which strives to raise awareness of the condition and encourages better disease management, was launched in 2008 to increase awareness about the disease and encourage patients to find a dermatologist and seek proper treatment. In addition, "Stop Hiding from Psoriasis" aims to educate the general public about psoriasis and dispel common misperceptions attached to the disease. A 2008 Foundation survey showed there is a stigma around psoriasis and widespread misconceptions about the condition.

SOURCE The American Academy of Dermatology

SOURCE The National Psoriasis Foundation