Latest Breast cancer screening guidelines deemed unsafe by 80% women

April 13, 2016

According to Michael LeFevre of the USPSTF, about 30 out of 1,000 40-year-olds will die from breast cancer in the absence of screening. But if screening is started at 50 and done every two years until the women hit 75, seven of those deaths would be prevented. Starting at age 40 instead would stave off one more death. That extra risk reduction is real for individual women, but comes with a price tag. LeFevre said that mammography is painful for some women, and there will be a false alarm for one in two who are screened annually in their 40s. That is, the mammogram shows a suspicious mass that turns out not to be dangerous. In the meantime the woman has gone through additional testing, which exposes her to more radiation, and sometimes had a painful, invasive and expensive biopsy done. ???Some women respond with increased stress and anxiety. The decision should be an individual one??To encourage women to have mammography there have been some fairly strong public relations campaigns.???

Elizabeth Thompson who is the president of advocacy group Susan G. Komen for the Cure stated that her main concern was that women under 40 would stop having mammograms based on the advice of researchers. Her group considers that women of average risk should have a mammogram once every year. ???I don't think today that we have fear-mongering when one in three women will be diagnosed with (any form of) cancer in their lifetime, and one in two men,??? she said.

The report appears in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.