ENDOMETRIN Vaginal Insert offers effective luteal support in IVF procedures

October 20, 2015

Treatment for cancer is becoming increasingly personalised - where treatments are chosen according to a patient's individual cancer - and doctors need to know early on that the treatment is having an effect. While current approaches, including CT scanning and MRI, are relatively simple and readily available it can take several weeks before they detect changes and they can often overestimate tumour shrinkage.

This imaging technique was developed in conjunction with GE Healthcare. Jonathan A. Murray, general manager for Cross Business Programs, at GE Healthcare, said: "The potential for this technology is very exciting and we are delighted to collaborate with Cancer Research UK."

Dr Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, said: "We need fast and accurate ways of knowing that the treatment is working. This research could help us tailor treatment to each patient by giving doctors a useful tool to check treatments are working after a short time, rather than waiting several weeks to see if the tumour is shrinking, reducing unnecessary treatment for women."

Source: Cancer Research UK