Drugs for prevention of breast cancer

February 17, 2016

Women with rare but incredibly destructive genes that make the development of breast cancer almost inevitable are already entitled to regular checks and some are given drugs to cut their chances of contracting the disease.

Meg McArthur, senior policy officer at Breakthrough Breast Cancer also said, ???It is vital that we find effective ways to prevent breast cancer, especially in women with a high risk. However, as preventative therapy may have negative side effects it would not be appropriate for everyone??We welcome studies investigating the best treatments to be used for breast cancer prevention. It's also crucial to identify those at high-risk who would benefit the most from this form of therapy.??? According to Dr Lesley Walker, from Cancer Research UK, ???Our scientists were behind some of the first trials showing the long term benefits of tamoxifen for preventing breast cancer in women with a greater than average risk of the disease??Being able to accurately predict breast cancer risk and who will respond to preventative drugs like these is a crucial step in ensuring women get the most suitable treatment.???