Diagnosis of breast cancer in women over 70 leads to lower survival

January 17, 2016

He added that more detailed diagnoses of breast cancer in the elderly could ensure that older women suitable for treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy received them.

Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, said: "We know that older people are less likely to survive breast cancer - this study highlights that many factors are at play and that late diagnosis and varying access to treatment, in particular, are playing a key role.

"Late diagnosis in the elderly could also be down to women delaying a visit to the doctor, so it's really vital that women are aware of breast cancer symptoms.

"After they turn 70, many women assume that breast cancer is less of a risk because they are no longer invited for screening but this isn't the case.

"More must be done to ensure that older women are well informed about their breast cancer risk, their option to ask for a mammogram and are consistently offered a full range of treatment options where this might benefit them.

"Further work needs to be done to understand why there are these large differences in breast cancer survival between older and younger women so that we can work to ensure that this gap is closed."

Source: Cancer Research UK