Coffee provides protections from a type of breast cancer: Study

March 28, 2016

Authors added that a problem was that the study rests on the women reliably recalling how much coffee they drink, and there is no record of what type of coffee they consumed - espressos, cappuccinos or decaf. Until more work is done, Professor Hall says he would not advise women to up their coffee consumption, especially since too much coffee can have side effects.

Yinka Ebo of Cancer Research UK, added, ???This study does not provide firm evidence that drinking lots of coffee can help reduce the risk of breast cancer as it relied on people with cancer remembering how much coffee they drank years ago. Previous research on coffee consumption and breast cancer risk has produced mixed results, and the authors of this new study acknowledge that further work will be needed to confirm the findings.??? He said there was good evidence, however, that women, who are physically active, consume little or no alcohol and keep a healthy weight after the menopause are at lower risk of breast cancer.

In a separate U.S. study it was also noted that parsley and some fruits and nuts contain a compound which could prevent breast cancer cells multiplying. Researchers from the Missouri University found that rats with breast cancer given apigenin, which is found in parsley, celery, apples, oranges and nuts, ???developed fewer tumors and experienced significant delays in tumor formation??? compared with rats with breast cancer that were not.