Cleaning products do not increase risk of breast cancer: Research

September 02, 2015

She observed: "When women are diagnosed with breast cancer, they often think about what happened in the past that might have contributed to the disease. As a result, it may be that women with breast cancer more accurately recall their past product use or even over-estimate it.

"Or it could also be that experience with breast cancer influences beliefs about its causes. For example, women diagnosed with breast cancer are less likely to believe heredity contributes 'a lot', because most are the first in their family to get the disease."

The researchers said that their results may have been influenced by recall bias and that this makes it impossible to draw conclusions from their study.

They recommended prospective studies of cleaning product use and breast cancer incidence to clarify whether or not there is a link between the two.

Cancer Research UK agreed. "There need to be larger studies where people report their use of cleaning products upfront, and are then followed up over time, to get a more accurate picture of the effect of these products," wrote Harris.

"Prospective studies like this aren't as prone to recall bias, and would be much more reliable. But until those studies are done, we won't know whether or not there's any link. For the moment, there's certainly little good reason for concern."

Source: Cancer Research UK