Cancer patients can still access NICE rejected drugs

November 07, 2015

Screening mammography, the mainstay for breast cancer detection, has known limitations in women with dense breast tissue and these women have a higher risk of breast cancer. A new approach is needed to improve breast cancer detection for women with increased breast density. The EASY breast cancer screening study will help determine if using this 3D ultrasound imaging technology in combination with a digital mammogram could improve the accuracy of routine screenings for women with dense breast tissue, for which mammography can be less effective. The study intends to recruit 8,000 asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue.

"The initiation of this study is extremely important for European women. It represents an exciting milestone in evaluating automated breast ultrasound in combination with mammography to improve cancer detection," said Karin Leifland, M.D., Ph.D., Head of Radiological Breast Diagnostics, Medical Head of Radiology, Unilabs AB, Sweden.

Ron Ho, President and CEO of U-Systems said, "European breast cancer screening methods differ from the United States and typically result in higher cancer detection rates. It is essential we understand how somo???v ABUS in combination with mammography will aid European physicians, and ultimately women, in earlier detection of breast cancer."

Source: U-Systems