Australian women stressed and overweight: Survey

October 04, 2015

"These two months are very valuable because they more than double the progression-free survival compared to the cisplatin-alone arm," Prof Baselga said. "In this advanced-disease population, this type of improvement is rarely seen and it is highly significant."

"The results of this trial are extremely important and convincing given their magnitude," commented Dr Fabrice Andr- from Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif, France. "They need now to be confirmed in the context of a large randomized trial."

"In addition to open new avenues in the field of cancer treatment, these results also have implications in the field of cancer biology". Dr Andr- said. "They suggest that EGFR could play a role in the progression of triple-negative breast cancer."

Prof Baselga noted that triple-negative breast cancer probably represents a number of poorly understood sub-groups of breast cancer. "If we work hard at identifying the different subtypes and identify the appropriate targets, we should be able to change the natural history of this disease."

Dr Andr- agreed, saying: "The results of this trial and others are showing that new and different treatments may provide benefit in subsets of patients with the disease, suggesting that this form of breast cancer might be further re-segmented according to molecular subtypes."

Source: European Society for Medical Oncology